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Cardi B Says Her Wedding Gon Be So Ghetto


Cardi B wedding

Now that she’s taking a break from music and performing for a brief period as she’s about to give birth to first child this Summer, has bounty time to begin arranging wedding with , and she believe it will be ghetto. On Tuesday, Cardi took to Instagram to amusingly share considerations on up and coming wedding, saying there will most likely be dice games being played.

“My wedding gon be so ghetto I can see the dice games now,” Cardi B shared on her Instagram along with the caption “On God” and some giggling emoticons. There’s no word yet with respect to when the wedding will go down, however you definitely know it will be poppin’ when it does.

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Cardi has been engaged to fiancee Offset for as far back as 7 months since the rapper got down on one knee during Power 99’s Powerhouse show in Philadelphia back in late October. She at that point got pregnant by Offset and had a go at escaping people in general, however when you’re in the spotlight as much as she, it’s difficult to remain hidden.

Look at the hilarious post (beneath).



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