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Desiigner Deletes His Instagram Feed



There’s an influential argument to be made for rappers erasing their social as a promoting ploy. Like the user who re-uploads his or profile picture, the expectation is to generate attention. At the early hours of today, NY rapper cleared his Instagram account clean and removed his profile picture all of a sudden. He had already tweeted his intentions to drop two albums in 2018, one after the other. The Life Of project, which is expected in July, has been in ceaseless limbo since November of 2017. There’s no word on why the G.O.O.D. Music queue has been backed up. Suffice to say, he isn’t just the casualty of delays on Kanye’s name.

The strategy of drawing attention through Social Media has been used more than once. Lately, J. Cole changed his Twitter profile pic, background, and Instagram symbol to a dubious purple tile. erased his whole Instagram page, powering speculation an album announcement was inevitable. Indeed, even ’s claimed Instagram hack feels devised. On the off chance that Desiigner is trusting the showmanship will kick his fan base into high rigging, he may be correct, with God as my witness.

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Desiigner Deletes His Instagram Feed


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