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Future & Juice WRLD – Shorty Lyrics


Future & Juice WRLD – Shorty Lyrics

Shorty by  & .

[Intro – Future]
Shorty, shorty uh
Tsunami Warning
I got mars, 40 on me

[Hook/Chorus – Future & Juice WRLD]
Take your time, shorty “time”
Dont even worry, shorty “don’t even worry”
Study around shorty “study around”
Bust that shit down shorty “bust that shit down”
You ain’t go down for shorty “ain’t go down”

[Verse 1 – Future & Juice WRLD]
Told , gone need me shorty
(?) speed, shorty
(?) shorty
Gucci on my fleece, shorty
You ain’t hitting no stain with me, then no, you ain’t gone eat, shorty
Thats on an L&B, shorty
Thats who I be, shorty, yeah
Bag, fill up a bag, make me remind shorty
(?) can’t catch me in that rarri
Pulling up with your hoe, I might put her on the back of my jetski
Money be causing me to change on n—-s
Money be causing me to change on b—–s
The money will change a n—a
We treat the money like its a religion
Convicted to the hood, malicious for the hood
Finnessing for the hood, came from nothing out the mud
Pour the cups up with (?) shorty
This money ain’t enough for shorty
I pass the gun to my shorty, ahh
He shoot that s–t at your shorty, ahh
I’m a Chicago baby
Where we get bloody and gory, ahh

Released: October 19, 2018


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