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Mick Jenkins – Barcelona Lyrics


Mick Jenkins – Barcelona Lyrics

Barcelona by .

Look, straight up and down, I never did the crooked
They offered twenty, I’m worth more, I told my nigga, “book it”
Praise God my position isn’t make or break it
I just wanted to spend in Spain
I meant it nice, don’t give a fuck about how niggas took it
Awkward stares, like what the fuck you looking at?
And that’s all over the world
I’m no nigga with dreams of busting all over your girl
That’s belittling, bigger schemes, we been scribbling, notice it’s plural
Dividends trickling three ways due to the penmanship
I do shows in my leisure and all these sinks is residual
Pop out occasional for the sake of relationships
Sanitize after handshakes and treat the weed like it’s Ritalin
Tryna give you a visual
F–k all this censorship man, n—-s too sensitive

If yo comfort ain’t pivoting you ain’t listening right
Granny praying for it, she say we ain’t Christian-ing right!
Even water can’t save mixing dark with the light
Corner the art with the business, no beauty mark, but my point is these n—-s running with scissors and headed straight for the plug
Mogul talking business moving at the pace of a slug
Left a trail, had to bail, knew his heart wasn’t in it
How you up, banger, then catch Parkinson’s with it? I mean…
Lot of y’all hear that line and gon’ know it well
I be on my show improve, not much show-and-tell
Then the whole defense about it be so Cole and Powell

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I was speeding, had to slow it down
Off the fertilizer, n—a growing now
I mean, enterprising, been compartmentalizing all my s–t
A tornado flew around my room before you came, I straightened it
Right before yo eyes you see my stains, see me basically

Picking up the pieces


Produced By: Nissim

Released: October 22, 2018


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