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Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli – Sit Ups Lyrics


Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli – Sit Ups Lyrics

Sit Ups by  & .

[Verse 1 – Boobie Lootaveli]
They hate me cause they say I switched up
I got my shut up
I pull up your bitch want a picture
I get a big bust
Lil thotty she can’t get my dick up
She doing sit ups
When I call that bitch finna pick up
Or imma quit her

[Verse 2 – Pouya]
I’m dripping
I’m sitting on 24’s
These hoes (?)
Numbers (?)
I’m grown, 100K for the taxes
I’m in a whole nother bracket I cannot rock with you

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[Verse 3 – Boobie Lootaveli]
Make sure your toten heavy if I’m finna slide with you
I’m trapping for survival
Keep My left hand on the Bible
And My right hand on a rifle
Rims be spinning like a vinyl
Keep it going with the psycho
(?) with your idols

[Verse 4 – Pouya]
Get flown they gimme dome
The chrome is on my lap
And I never leave it alone “yeah”
I trust you as much as you give me dome
Baby bone
On my own
I give a f–k about what you want hoe

[Verse 5 – Boobie Lootaveli]
Run inside the trap
Said the s–t is looking like a zoo
Grinding for the s–t
So imma do what I wanna do
Never love a b—h
Cause she gonna choose
Who she wanna choose
I’m counting new hunnits until they blue

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[Verse 6 – Pouya]
Look at me then look at you
Then look at your life
If I be lowkey stacking bread with my homies and my wife
Would you wanna ride slow with me?
Am I someone that you willing to die for baby
Lemme know “yuh”

[Verse 7 – Boobie Lootaveli]
Gucci wallet (?) wanna bang
I’m the f—–g man
Shout out to my plug in japan
Don’t know what he’s saying
Coco with the loko I’m insane
Higher than a plane
Hoe you wasn’t with me through the rain

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[Verse 8 – Pouya]
When I tired to get it popping where the f–k where you?
Used to pull up on (?)
She held it down for me never believed that I would lose
Now I got two whips outside my crib that never even move


Produced By: Will Snow

Released: September 19, 2018


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