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SOB X RBE – Bitch Lyrics


SOB X RBE – Bitch Lyrics

Bitch by .

RBE X SOB that’s the gang bitch

[Hook/Chorus – Lul G]
Bitch, bitch, bitch
You a broke down bitch
Bust down bitch
Keep a hundred round bitch
Ol’ broke down bitch

[Verse 1 – Yhung T.O.]
And I’m already cuffed so I can’t cuff a bitch
All these diamonds on my neck, I’m on some other shit
Only hit it from the back if she hella thick
Twenty bands in my jeans this shit barely fit
And don’t be telling me you love me if you ain’t gon’ pay me
And if yo’ watch don’t act like this then yo’ shit fugazy
And no, I ain’t going back and forth wit’ no n—a
Can’t trust none of these n—-s, been running up my riches
And if you want me on this team, b—h you gotta show me
That n—a driving a O-13 and he barely own ’em
Twenty thousand on these slugs just to talk in diamonds
VVS my AP can’t tell what the time is

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[Verse 2 – Lul G]
B—h tryna lock me down on some cop s–t
I’ma post up on and tote this Glock b—h
N—-s talking to the rollers on some cop s–t
Can’t condone, keep lips sealed like a lock smith
B—h tryna play me, you ain’t gon’ play s–t
All these diamonds on my neck like a lake b—h
N—-s want me gone, keep a pole on me
Attachments on they chop, that’s a big telescope on me

[Hook/Chorus – Lul G]
B—h, b—h, b—h
You a broke down b—h
Bust down b—h
Keep a hundred round b—h
Ol’ broke down b—h

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[Verse 3 – Yhung T.O.]
Girl f–k yo’ n—a he a b—h
How he thugging and leave the house without no stick?
I’ll never leave the house without my stick
Or in my loaf, or this toast
Can’t put trust in these hoes

[Verse 4 – Lul G]
Yo’ b—h wanna suck my d–k, told lick these balls
Hate stayed up on my phone so I don’t answer calls
Speaking down to that b—h you a b—h n—a
And yo’ a-s on paperwork, we know that you a snitch n—a

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[Verse 5 – Yhung T.O.]
Told up on yo’ gang so you can’t hang n—a
Twenty five thousand on my chain n—a
I gotta keep my thang n—a
And I want the check, f–k the fame n—a
And yo’ b—h broke, that’s a shame n—a

[Verse 6 – Lul G]
How you clutching on that Glock, don’t shoot s–t n—a?
When I clutch I get to busting it’s a big difference
VVS on my chain she want a flick wit’ it
But I ain’t trusting, I ain’t cuffing on no b—h n—a

[Hook/Chorus – Lul G]
B—h, b—h, b—h
You a broke down b—h
Bust down b—h
Keep a hundred round b—h
Ol’ broke down b—h


Produced By: Xslapz

Released: September 28, 2018


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