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SOB X RBE – Hood Ballad Lyrics


SOB X RBE – Hood Ballad Lyrics

Hood Ballad Lyrics by .

RBE X SOB that’s the gang

[Verse 1 – Yhung T.O.]
Oh, oh, oh
I can’t stop hitting licks, I’m addicted “I’m addicted”
Can’t stop toting the stick, I can’t risk it “I can’t risk it”
I can’t stop riding round wit’ extensions “extensions”
Doing 50 in this coupe on a mission “on a mission”
Now I gotta walk around wit’ like ten bands on me “on me”
Last time I spring ten still had ten on me
I got my family and my bitch that depend on me
Rolling around wit’ this chop hope you praying for me
All these niggas want me dead I got red on me “I got red on me”
Put a beam on my Glock he got red on him “red on him”
But every time I see n—-s they ain’t saying nothing
I got some niggas in the Rich who be head hunting “head hunting”
Leave a n—a where he stand, bloody “stand, bloody”
And I been dead broke but not dead ugly
‘Cause when we sliding on yo’ block it get dead ugly
Lil’ brother squeeze that Glock ’til it jam for me
I ran up these bands and got brains “brains”
When I got that call I just fainted “fainted”
They don’t ever know it’s real ’til we aim
After I hit a n—a up I get faded
These n—-s ain’t never cared about me ’til I made it “’til I made it”
N—-s only hung around me ’til it got dangerous “dangerous”
Give this fame for my n—-s I would trade it
And we gon’ keep this trap lit ’til they raid it
Up this chop make you famous
F–k you and them n—-s that you hang wit’
And you can die wit’ them n—-s that you gang wit’
Where I’m from we don’t got it so we take s–t
Speaking on that gang you a dead man “dead man”
N—a f–k yo’ dead family and yo’ dead friends
N—a we wit’ all that s–t if you ain’t know it
Twenty thousand on my kick it got me frozen

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[Verse 2 – Slimmy B]
You ain’t never seen a hundred grand
Better yet, you ain’t never seen a f—–g band “broke n—a”
For this life a n—a had to take a chance
All these f—–g diamonds, ain’t got s–t to do but dance
Got a mind of a maniac like Boosie “like I’m Boosie”
This life a n—a live is a movie “is a movie”
Bust down, paid $850 for these Gucci’s
You a grown man living wit’ yo’ mama, yo’ a-s Pookie
Being broke was getting old I had to run it up
Got thirty in my pocket plus it’s thirty tucked
If it ain’t thirty bands or better gang ain’t showin up
Don’t get yo’ a-s laid down for s–t you throwing up
F—–g wit’ them suckas got him tagged up “got ’em tagged up”
Chuck ten at the b—h then she facted up
N—-s want me knocked down so I’m gassed up
And let a n—a reach for this chain, I’ma act up

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[Verse 3 – ]
He ain’t wit’ all that s–t he say he ’bout all in them songs
What you gon’ do? We take the trip to go bounce on yo’ dog
You ain’t got nothing to do wit’ that, boy you sound like a frog
Thick b—h come over here, make it bounce in your thong
Can’t give out my trust no more
Got some lead up in the clip this s–t’ll touch yo’ soul
N—-s got they hand outs when I’m the one they owe
And every time I’m on the mic I make ’em go take notes
N—a we wit’ all the s–t, like the bubble guts
Say I look like my pops, I’m like I barely even know a bruh
Ho a-s n—a, I can’t wait to pull a whole one
Why put you on some game when you the type who wouldn’t soak it up?
And I ain’t even at the top but I’m headed for it
How long you been up on yo’ a-s? You need a metal for it
And when they leach and you condone it they gon’ beg for more
And n—a life a game of chess, this ain’t no checker board

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[Verse 4 – Lul G]
F–k around and lost my mind wit’ all these demons in me
F–k, f—–g on that b—h tryna f–k on my drizzy
All this bud and this Henny I’ma need a kidney
Still function off these drugs, hope a n—a tempt me
I won’t leave the house without it like it’s stuck to me
N—-s mad, up in they feelings, they can’t f–k wit’ me
N—-s fakes and n—-s snakes, I don’t trust many
First n—a shooting, f–k ducking, watch me dump 50
F–k yo’ patna, popping up at n—a’s candle lights
Mandatory wit’ that chop, like Miranda rights
Ooh s–t, I meant Miranda Rights
I don’t cooperate wit’ law I keep my hammer tight
Rollie on me, bust down, watch me drown they a-s
Forty bands on me soft, b—h I paid in cash
Praying on my downfall got these n—-s mad
He ain’t want these shots, Worldstar, we had to beat his a-s


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