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Takeoff – Soul Plane Lyrics


Takeoff – Soul Plane Lyrics

Soul Plane by Takeoff.

Fast lane, nigga sold chain
Dripping real fame
Whole gang dipping on a plane like a soul plane
What’s your name? Catch a (?)
All i know is g——-g

[Verse 1]
What you gon’ do about i fuck you on couple of things? “What you gon’ do?”
Block hard, little spy gotta help passion
You know what a bando was to a (?) “Bando”
One for two, i cash out
I can see those out on Vegas “One-two”
Getting my cash and money, my n—a
No time for no wait “No”
I’m a fan(?)
I’m in low with faces “Faces”
N—-s pop faking, and i remember faces
I been through the phases “Phases”
Let me out the cages “Cages”
Herd it to the slavery
Men, i’m on your ages
I’m a front (?)
My (?) on your (?)
Hope your (?) been flexing
My neck can list a checklist
I’m an investor, so i make investments
Plain jane, got me talking proper etiquette
Your man think she (?), she wear all that s–t
I might take a storm fire, make ’em sit that bench “Sit down”
Make me group the whole fire, cause i see you (?)
I done (?) some cookies, and (?) “Cooking”
Codeine, i had the last drop, i can’t leave a drip
I proto(?) the glass top, dropping out the cliff
I been big (?), and we jumping out the ville
N—-s jumping out the skin, (?) not your flip
I’ma get that brand, la potato, i want chips
Said that b—h still dead if she let i touch lips
Fast cars fast, i’ma drag them on my drip “Fast”


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