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Tyler, The Creator – BRONCO Lyrics


Tyler, The Creator – BRONCO Lyrics

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[Intro – Tyler, The Creator]
I might just add a verse for no , fuck it

[Verse – Tyler, The Creator]
I sit in my garden and play
And get foot massages while Clancy talk numbers
He threw me some game and I swear I won’t fumble
Might cop me a Bronco to ride for the summer
Marni the trousers, tell Risso to holla
The carnival sell out, the stadium Dodger
I cut off some homies, but Taco my brodie
Until he score millions, I won’t leave the goalie
Might pass ’em the mittens, he never betrayed me
The e30 sitting, the 675LT my daily
The engine is stupid, I drive like a tutor
When I move, it moves, the transmission like Luda
Now ketchup like packets, my new n—a pretty
Your new b—h is tacky like jackets
Want smoke? I can match it, the second-hand action
We exhale you inhale and asthma attack
Teeing off, n—-s nauseous
As f–k, f–k you thought?
B—h, it’s GOLF

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[Hook/Chorus – ]
Brand new whip got no keys
Tailor my clothes, no starch, please
Soon as I nut, you can gon’ leave
Got M’s in the bank, like – “Yes, indeed”

[Outro – Tyler, The Creator]
S–t going crazy, I swear I go crazy
I never met him but man shout out Lil Baby
*gibberish* i ran out of words


Produced By: Wheezy

Additional Vocals: Lil Baby
Released: July 18, 2018


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